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Engine Oil

Robbie Turnbull uses Lucas Transmission Fix in 1979 chevy custom deluxe

i was having severe transmission problems with my automatic

transmission and heard about yalls product and used it i also had a

severe pouring out leak and replaced the gasket and within 20 minutes of

driving it felt like i had a new transmission the transmission would

slam into reverse and drive when you would shift into either of those

gears now smooth as silk 100 percvent satisfied i also use yalls lucas

oil stabilizer it will stop an oil leak it says slows oil leaks but it

will stop one to it will also stop clicking lifter i just bought a new

motor to and had the lifter set and it continued clicking so i added

lucas oil stabilizer and soon as i started it it clicked for one asecond

then stopped immediately any lucas products i recommend to anyone

anywhere now of course it aint going to fix a completely burned up

engine or transmission it would be useless becuz theres nothing there to

fix anyways thanx to lucas for making great products and continue making

them yours truely lucas administration

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